Project Portfolio

Overhead Conductor Supply 

ACES Cable has designed, manufactured and tested a range of overhead conductors in accordance with Australian and IEC standards. ACES overhead conductors are suitable for use on local networks. Recent project include:

Cable TypeLengthFranchise AreaLocation
 19/3.25 AAC  2160m  Endeavour Energy  Greystanes Road
 7/4.50 AAC  1296m  Endeavour Energy  Ringrose Avenue, Greystanes
 7/4.50 AAC  433m  Endeavour Energy  Bligh Street, Fairfield
 19/3.25 AAC  1155m  Endeavour Energy  Malta Street, Fairfield West
 19/3.25 AAC  1443m  Endeavour Energy  Crown Street, Fairfield
 7/4.50 AAC  2450m  Endeavour Energy  Fourth Avenue, Austral
 7/4.50 AAC  800m  Endeavour Energy  Girraween Avenue, Giraween
 19/3.25 AAC  1732m  Endeavour Energy  Jamison Lane, Fairfield West
 19/3.25 AAC  720m   Endeavour Energy  Landon Street, Fairfield West
 19/3.25 AAC   1070m  Endeavour Energy  Seville Street, Fairfield East
 19/3.25 AAC  595m  Endeavour Energy  Birrawa Street, Greystanes
 19/3.25 AAC  2528m  Endeavour Energy  Lions Avenue, Lurnea
 19/3.25 AAC  2027m  Endeavour Energy  Gozo Road, Greystanes
 7/4.50 AAC  1548m  Endeavour Energy  Oramzi Road, Girraween
 19/3.25 AAC  1450m  Endeavour Energy Dennis Street, Greystanes 

Cable availability

ACES currently holds a range of approved overhead conductor inventory at our warehouse located at Eastern Creek in Sydney. These conductors can generally be delivered to stores within 24 hours, or if required during storms or faults and emergencies.

Alternatively ACES overhead conductors can generally be manufactured and supplied within 6 – 8 weeks of placing an order.

Need more information?

For more information on detailed cable characteristics please call 02 9851 3098.

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