AAC cable illustrationAll Aluminium Conductor (1350 AAC)


Used mainly in urban areas where the support structures are close together and spacing is short. AAC manufactured from electrolytically refined aluminium gives a high degree of current carrying capacity and corrosion resistance.

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Product CodeConductor Name Wire Diameter & Stranding (no/mm) 
CAA7/2.50  Leo  7/2.50
CAA7/2.75  Leonids  7/2.75
CAA7/3.00  Libra  7/3.00
CAA7/3.75  Mars  7/3.75
CAA7/4.50  Mercury  7/4.50
CAA7/4.75 Moon   7/4.75
CAA19/3.25  Neptune  19/3.25
CAA19/3.50  Orion  19/3.50
CAA19/3.75  Pluto  19/3.75
CAA37/3.00  Saturn  37/3.00
CAA37/3.25  Sirius  37/3.25
CAA19/4.75   Taurus 19/4.75 
CAA37/3.75  Triton  37/3.75
CAA61/3.25  Uranus  61/3.25
CAA61/3.50  Ursula  61/3.50
CAA61/3.75  Venus  61/3.75


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