AAAC cable illustrationAll Aluminium Alloy Conductor (aAAC)


Used mainly on longer span circuits where mechanical resistance, sag characteristics and good strength to weight ratios are required. AAAC is made from aluminium alloy for current carrying capacity and corrosion resistance.

Product Code Conductor Name Wire Diameter & Stranding (no/mm)
CBA7/2.50 Chlorine 7/2.50
CBA7/2.50 Chromium  7/2.75 
CBA 7/3.00 Flourine 7/3.00
CBA7/3.75 Helium  7/3.75
CBA7/4.50 Hydrogen 7/4.50
CBA7/4.75 Iodine 7/4.75
CBA19/3.25 Krypton 19/3.25 
CBA19/3.50 Lutetium  19/3.50
CBA19/3.75 Neon 19/3.75 
CBA37/3.00 Nitrogen 37/3.00
CBA37/3.25 Nobelium 37/3.25
CBA19/4.75 Oxygen 19/4.75
CBA37/3.75 Phosphorus 37/3.75
CBA61/3.25 Selenium  61/3.25
CBA61/3.50 Silicon 61/3.50
CBA61/3.75 Sulfur 61/3.75


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