Electrical Cable Testing & Approvals

Along with our clients in the electrical distribution and transmission industry ACES is committed to providing a safe and reliable energy supply.  We do this by ensuring all of our power cables are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with Australian and IEC Standards.

All ACES underground cables and overhead conductors undergo NATA recognised testing in order to be certified for use on local power authority networks.

What is NATA?

The National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) technical auditing provides independent testing and certification for a range of products and services including power cables.

All power cables must receive NATA recognised test certificates before they are submitted to local electrical power distribution and transmission authorities for approval.

Product Approvals

Once one of our cables has received NATA recognised certification it is submitted to the relevant power authority for product approval. Only underground cables and overhead conductors with product approval from the local power authority can be installed for use on the network.  This is vital to ensure a safe and reliable energy supply.

Click here to view ACES approved product list.