About Us

Australasian Cable & Engineering Services (ACES) is a privately Australian owned and managed business providing specialised services to the electrical distribution and transmission industry in Australia and New Zealand. Our services include:

  • Electrical Cable Supply
  • Electrical Cable Engineering
  • Electrical Network Engineering

Located in Sydney, with local industry experience and expertise, ACES offers our clients the most professional service complimented by safety, quality and environmental accreditations.

Australasian Cable & Engineering Services is also known through registered trading names "ACES Cable" and ACES Taishan" for specific market segments.

Our Services

Electrical Cable Supply

ACES Cable is a leading electrical cable supplier dedicated to quality, ensuring all products are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with Australian and IEC standards.

Delivered across Australia, ACES Cable supplies a large range of underground cables and overhead conductor which have product approval with local utilities. 

View our range of overhead conductors.

View our range of undereground cables.

Electrical Cable Design & Engineering

ACES Engineering Services provides an expert electrical design service to meet specific requirements. ACES can design underground cables and overhead conductor as well as provide calculations on a variety of scenarios to ensure the cable rating is suitable for the chosen method of installation. ACES can also provide engineering support and design services for installation methods and construction design.

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Electrical Network Design & Engineering

ACES Engineering Services is a Level 3 ASP (Accredited Service Provider) specialising in the design, engineering and construction of electrical network infrastructure. ACES can provide its clients with turnkey solutions from investigations into existing electrical network operations and consultancy; through to conceptual design, detailed design and construction.

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